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Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Liquid Olive Leaf Extract 500ml

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The antioxidant properties of olive leaf may help to protect against free radicals, which are associated with cellular damage.

Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Olive Leaf Extract may also support general well being, helping to maintain healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health in normal healthy individuals.

Olive leaf extract kills off or downgrades a wide range of infections caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and protozoa.

Common viral infections which olive leaf extract is reported to resist are:

Colds and flu
Herpes infections - all types
Other lung and upper respiratory tract infections
Chicken pox, German measles, measles, mumps
Gastric 'flu
HIV infections
Epstein Barr

Antibacterial benefits
Common bacterial infections which olive leaf extract is reported to resist are:

Chest/lung infections (eg. bacterial pneumonia)
Food-borne illnesses (food poisoning)
Travelers' diarrhoea
Lymes disease (transmitted by ticks)
Some forms of conjunctivitis (pinkeye)
Throat infections
Urinary tract infections
Antifungal/yeast benefits

Common fungal/yeast infections which olive leaf extract is reported to resist are:

Candida Albicans
Mycotic nails
Vaginal yeast infections
Athlete's foot
Antioxidant benefits

Some antioxidant uses of olive leaf extract:

Arthritis - Reduction of arthritic pain and swelling.
Cardiovascular - Prevention of atherosclerosis and hardening of arteries.
Protection against radiation from x-rays, U-V radiation from the sun
Quenching of free radicals caused by chemical reactions in the body and pollution.
Heart benefits

Lowers high blood pressure.
Improves blood flow to the heart
Corrects arrhythmias.

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