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Natures Sunshine VS-C Liquid Herb 59ml

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•Supports the immune system.

•Fights off biological stressors.

•Nourishes the liver.

VS-C®, Chinese [Immune]. This immune-supporting formula is a combination that Chinese herbalists would describe as a “metal-enhancing” formula. These herbs create a favorable environment for microbial balance and overall health, support detoxification and promote a healthy respiratory tract. Originally developed by Dr. Wenwei Xie, VS-C is exclusive to Nature’s Sunshine.

It contains the following time-honored botanicals:

Dandelion root,Purslane herb,Indigo leaves and root,Thlaspi herb,Bupleurum root,Typhonium rhizome,Scute root,Cinnamon twig,Licorice root,Ginseng root

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