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Equifix Leg Tightener 500g

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Whether your horse is ridden competitively or for pleasure, the stresses that the tendons and ligaments in the lower limb are exposed to are significant.  It is accepted that galloping and jumping put a large strain on these soft tissue structures often leading to injury. Low impact exercise also, like dressage and endurance, provides cyclical strain on the tendons and ligaments, especially in the periods of suspension like passage and extended trot.  Cyclical injury can create chronic tendon fibre damage often leading to low grade pain and lack of elasticity in the tendon or ligament.  This can result in loss of movement or poor performance.  In short, supple, elastic soft tissue structures are stronger and less susceptible to injury.  Therefore the horse will perform better and for longer.

Any exercise creates heat and oxidants in the tendons as they work.  The collagen fibres that make up the tendons will disintegrate at temperatures greater than 42 degrees Celsius.  It has been shown in a number of research studies that jumping and galloping work will increase the tendon core temperature to critical temperature.  The by-products of aerobic exercise or oxidants stay in the tendon the more damage done to the fibres.

Equifix Leg Tightener is a natural product that acts just like a poultice for legs after exercise and can be used to replace messy poultices.  Much easier to use as it requires no wrapping or washing off.  It reduces swelling associated with a workout or from stabling or periods of inactivity.  Its natural actives mean it is safe to use before and during racing and competitions, with out contravening Racing or FEI regulations.  Equifix Leg Tightener contains the highest grade emu oil, eucalyptus oil, and herbal additives to assist relief of the results of training, racing or competing.

Eucalyptus oil has been used for many years to increase circulation and create a cooling effect.  The eucalyptus in Equifix Leg Tightener takes away the damaging heat and the oxidants accumulated in the fibres.

The emu oil in Equifix Leg Tightener, has properties that make it unique.  Due to the regulations under the ACVM act many of its properties cannot be described here but, as well as its poultice action, it has proven to have remarkable healing and repairing properties and is antiseptic making Equifix Leg Tightener safe to use over minor abrasions.  Human research has also discovered that emu oil promotes collagen healing and repair.

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