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Zo Rub for Joints 90g

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A glucosamine and chondroitin rub for joint pain and  support of joint mobility and repair.

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Arthritis treatment

Glucosamine & chondroiton are used to treat arthritis and are usually taken as a vitamin supplement but it is thought that very little of it actually reaches the areas where it is needed most. Clinical tests so far seem to indicate that more of these sulphates reach the joints when it is absorbed through the skin. This cream is the only one I have found which has reasonable quantities of both glucosamine & chondroitin in it. My only reservation is that the base it is in could be more absorbable so that more of the glucosamine & chondroiton would penetrate the skin layer. However some vigorous rubbing is helpful with this. Perhaps someone could look into providing a cream in a less oily base?