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Weleda Tendinitis Cream 36ml

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The properties of the herbal extracts combine to:

    * reduce inflammation and so relieve pain (Arnica, Allium cepa (onion) & Hypericum)
    * help reduce the build-up of calcium deposits, which can prolong tendinitis (Oxalis & the Essential Oils of Rosemary & Lemon)
    * promote the healing of damaged tissue (Ruta & Symphytum)

Use on strained Achilles tendon or ham-strings injuries, exercise related strains, especially after sudden, unaccustomed exercise, pulled muscles, twisted ankle, strained back, bruises to bony area eg blow to the shin, broken bones after the removal of the cast. Also repetitive strain injuries eg "tennis elbow" sports-related conditions and work-related conditions such as computer keyboard incorrect or over use.

Used early in the treatment of tendinitis, it can successfully slow and  reverse the development of the condition. Therefore the use of stronger, conventional anti-inflammatories (and their side effects) can be avoided.

Tendinitis Cream is a good example of how a Weleda medicine can play an important role in the early treatment of a medical condition, and thereby avoiding the use of conventional medicines.

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Best cream for aches, sprains and strains

I've been using this cream, and loving it, for years now. It's my "go-to" cream for any strains and sprains. Wouldn't be without it!