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Weleda Echinacea / Thuja Comp. 100ml

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Echinacea/Thuja Comp. is a prime medicine for treating infections of all types, by stimulating the immune system during colds, influenza and other infectious processes, eg poor wound healing, viral infection, thrush, and skin conditions.

Echinacea is an immunostimulant, with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal actions. Echinacea inhibits the action of an enzyme, hyaluronidase, which invading organisms use to break down the connective tissue of the host. It is one of the most widely sold herbs in the world today. Modern research has confirmed what North American Indians have always known: that Echinacea stimulates the body's immune system against infections & inflammatory conditions, causing non-specific T-cell activation.

Thuja's polysaccharide fraction, like that of Echinacea, is an immune stimulant. It increases levels of helper T-cells, and stimulates phagocytosis (when cells engulf foreign bodies). Thuja occidentalis is also effective against viruses.

In combination with Echinacea it is very effective against S. Aureus.

Apis is a homoeopathic preparation made from the Honey Bee, and is used here for its warming anti-inflammatory effects.

The small amounts of Eucalyptus, Sage and Aniseed Essential Oils present are all indicated for colds and flu.

A single daily dose of Echinacea/Thuja Comp. helps prevent coughs, colds and flu over the winter season, by strengthening the immune system. Should the cold or flu already have taken hold, a dose of Echinacea Thuja Comp. taken every 2 hours together with Cold and Flu drops or pilules will help to relieve the symptoms and speed recovery. Safe for children's use.

Weleda Echinacea / Thuja Comp is also an excellent supplement where there is any infection. Because it has several actions, it can also be used as a supplement treatment for sinusitis, hayfever, bronchitis, tonsillitis (including streptococcal infection), ear inflammation, whooping cough, food poisoning, peptic ulcers, cystitis, as well as any skin infection or allergic reaction eg boils, bites, eczema, abscesses, athletes foot, herpes infections, skin ulcers, infected wounds.

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Robyn Grindlay
Swear By it

I have been using this product every day for two years now, used to get really bad coughs & flu, even had the flu jab. I got sick of using drugs and went for more natural remedies, Buccaline & Berna and this Echinacea/Thuja comp Liquid. Because of my gastric banding I have 1 x Berocca per day and I add 15 drops of Echinacea/Thuja comp and have not has a cold, cough, sniffle or sneeze for two years. I feel well and am so pleased I dont spend 3/4 of my winter Hacking and sniffing. Try it you'll love it it has a very faint aniseed type flavour but can be taken in water. Just doi it!! You wont look back.