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Weleda Burns & Bites Cooling Gel 36ml

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A cooling gel to soothe and help heal minor burns, scalds, sunburn, itchy skin rashes, insect bites and stings. An essential product for any First Aid Kit.

Combudoron Gel contains more herbs, and thus has a more widespread action than the Combudoron Lotion.

The gel may also be a more convenient way to apply Combudoron than the Lotion for some people.


Echinacea for wound healing, antiseptic action & tissue regeneration

Aloe vera to accelerate wound healing in burns are included in the formulation, along with ingredients of the Lotion:

Arnica for its anti-inflammatory action which eases the pain

Urtica urens soothes the sting and acts as an astringent on wounds

Combudoron can also be used to treat nettle rash, acute eczema, and radiation damage.

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Help for minor garden insect bites and itches

I've not tried this on more serious burns and bites (or stings?) but it does work really well to calm those red, itchy bits and bites after a day in the garden. Small tube lasts for ages, as you need only the littlest bit. Will definitely replace when it runs out!