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Weleda Aurum 12x/Cardiodoron 30ml

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This medicine is used when daily rhythms are disturbed, and upset sleeping patterns result. It is commonly used for air travel to help prevent Jetlag, but it is also very useful to counter the upset routine of shiftwork. It can also be used to treat other broken sleep patterns eg parents who are getting up and down at night to an unsettled baby, or when people generally feel "out of synch."

It works by strengthening and re-balancing the body’s circulation. As the circulation rhythm is strengthened, it is much easier for the body get back into rhythm.

The Aurum (potentised metallic gold) complements the Cardiodoron and has a regulative effect on the heart and circulation, assisting in the treatment of disturbances of biological rhythms and their co-ordination. The combined action of the three plants of Cardiodoron help balance the rhythm of the heart, in cases of eg: hypotension, anxiety attacks, disturbed sleep, circulation disturbance.

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