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Weleda Arnica / Symphytum Comp. Drops 30ml

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Weleda Arnica/Symphytum Comp. Drops is a homoeopathic complex for injuries where there is damage to cartilage, ligament or bony areas.

Eg Tendinitis, knee or hip injuries, twisted ankles, falls, broken bones, bone injuries, surgery that affects cartilage or bones. Also sprains and strains, pulled muscles, strained backs.

It is also an excellent internal remedy for RSI (Repetitive strain injury, also known as occupational overuse syndrome).

Weleda Arnica/Symphytum Comp. Drops is an effective remedy for both old and young.

Allium cepa (red onion) reduces inflammation and pain.
Arnica for muscular pain and trauma.
Ruta graveolens for bruising and injuries to cartilage, tendons, bones and tissues.
Symphytum for bone and joint injuries.
Symphytum's more familiar name is Comfrey, but it was traditionally coined 'Knitbone' because of its action.

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