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Vicks First Defence Nasal Spray 15ml

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First defence targets the area deep inside the nasal cavity where the cold virus takes hold and multiplies.

First defence is a micro-gel nasal spray enhanced with plant extracts. It works by disarming cold -causing germs and helping your body remove then naturally.

Start to use when at risk of catching a cold, or in the early stages before your cold has fully developed. For best results , continue for at least 2 days after symptoms subside.

Vicks First Defence is a unique micro gel nasal spray that contains no drug ingredients. It simply works in a physical way using three key actions, which supplement the body s natural ability to trap disarm and remove cold viruses before they take hold. The spray action ensures the Micro Gel is transferred to the back of the nasal passage where the cold virus first takes hold. Once there, the gel s unique triple action formula creates a hostile environment, traps the virus and then helps the body to flush it out :

Traps: The micro gel supplements the body's own defence mechanism - mucus - to coat the virus so it cannot dock to the body s cells
Disarms :The gel's low pH inactivates the virus (viruses thrive in higher pH environments)
Removes :Ingredients in the gel trigger the body to create mucus helping to flush out the trapped, disarmed viruses .

Vicks First Defence is most effective when used within 24-36 hours after the virus enters the body. During this time, sufferers will feel the first warning signs of a cold tickly sore throat and sneezing are the most common.

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