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Tiger Balm Red 18g (hot)

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Tiger Balm is a proven pain relieving ointment made from a unique blend of natural active ingredients.

Its effective analgesic and counterirritant properties help relieve and soothe muscular aches and pains.

Tiger Balm relieves bodily aches and pains of muscles and joints due to Rheumatism, Arthritis, Backaches, Bruises, Sprains and Sports injuries, and is also effective as a pre--exercise muscular warm-up rub.

In Asia, Tiger Balm is widely used as a versatile remedy for many ailments. It is even used to soothe insect bites and to relieve nausea and flatulence.

When applied externally to the skin, Tiger Balms counter-irritant and topical analgesic properties provide symptomatic relief from pain and discomfort associated with many aches and pains of muscles and joints. The counterirritant substance dilates the small blood vessels and brings blood closer to the skins surface, producing in-creased circulation and warmth. The increase in blood flow to the joint or muscle below speeds up the healing process. Consequently, cutaneous receptors are stimulated to induce sensations such as warmth which serve to distract from the deep-seated pain in areas such as muscles, joints and tendons, which are distant from the skin's surface where Tiger Balm is being applied.

The topical analgesic agent depresses cutaneous sensory receptors for pain and itching and acts directly to diminish or obliterate these symptoms on the skin.

Other ingredients in Tiger Balm also have an additional effect to produce vasodilation of cutaneous vasculature viz widening of the capillaries in the skin. This rubefacient effect increases blood pooling and/or flow, accompanied by an in-crease in localized skin temperature.

Undoubtly, the action of counterirritants in relieving pain has a strong psychological effect through pleasant aroma or the sensations of warmth and coolness on the skin.

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