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Thompsons Organic Zinc Tablets 80

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Zinc is an essential component of hundreds of different enzymes that control numerous biological processes within the body. Zinc is involved in the formation of RNA and DNA, which are the basic components of all cells. Zinc is, thus, necessary for the normal function of every cell in the body and deficiency has widespread effects on health.

Adequate Zinc is necessary for the initial development of the immune system and upkeep of immune competence throughout life. Zinc is also vital to body growth and the development and maintenance of the reproductive system. Other functions of Zinc include the mobilisation of Vitamin A, the metabolism of insulin and the enzyme necessary for the breakdown of alcohol.

Although Zinc is found in a variety of foods, low soil levels mean that plant and animal levels can vary. Refining of cereals leads to loss of Zinc, while food processing and cooking methods may also lead to substantial Zinc losses. Deficiencies are widespread, with Zinc deficiency believed to be a major factor in heart problems. Deficiencies are very common among pregnant women and those taking the contraceptive pill.

Organic forms of Zinc are very well accepted because they are presented to the body in a form which can be more efficiently absorbed. Thompson s Organic Zinc provides 125.5 mg of Zinc Gluconate, yielding 15 mg of elemental Zinc, which helps the recommended daily allowance, of 16mg, to be achieved by taking one high potency Thompson s Organic Zinc a day.

Zinc is particularly effective at enhancing the rapid healing of wounds. Thompson s Organic Zinc is recommended for simple cuts, mouth ulcers, peptic ulcers and bowel irritations as well as for improved healing after surgery. Because of its immune enhancing role, Zinc supplementation is also advised for cold sores and shingles and acts as an excellent general immune booster.

Inflammation of the prostate gland, which is often associated with ageing in males, can benefit from supplemental Zinc. Zinc is also a key factor in improving fertility by enhancing sperm count.

Skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, acne and stretch marks (associated with pregnancy) benefit from supplementation with Thompson s Organic Zinc. Dry or greying hair and the presence of white spots under the nails may be indicators of a Zinc deficiency. Thompson s Organic Zinc, taken daily, can help to reverse any signs of Zinc deficiency.

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keeps your ski n clear

love this zinc, best i have tried, really keeps your skin clear, excellent at wound healing