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Thompsons Organic Iron Tablets 30

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Iron is a mineral that is crucial to both our physical and mental wellbeing. Iron is found in every cell of the body. It forms a vital part of haemoglobin, the component of blood that transports oxygen around the body, supplying muscles for physical activity. Iron is also responsible for the excretion of carbon dioxide and for protecting the body against infection.

Iron deficiency is among the most common nutritional deficiencies in the world. On assessing Iron status and dietary Iron intakes, up to 70% of Australasian women between the age of 25 and 55 years were found not to receive the recommended daily intake of Iron, with up to 10% falling into the clinically-deficient category, which results in anaemia.

Iron deficiency can lead to a reduction in maximal work capacity by impairing concentration and reducing energy levels. It can decrease immunity and increase susceptibility to infectious disease. Iron deficiency can also impair body-temperature regulation.

Thompsons Organic Iron Complete comprises a high potency Iron, Ferrous Fumarate, which yields 24 mg of highly bioavailable Iron. Ferrous Fumarate is well accepted by the body for absorption and is considered to be the best form of supplemental Iron available. Ferrous Fumarate is less constipating than other forms of Iron and does not act as a Vitamin E antagonist.

The absorption of Iron is enhanced through the addition of Vitamin C and Folic Acid to the formulation. Bioavailability is further improved by the inclusion of the Iron-rich super-foods Blackstrap Molasses and Pumpkin Seed to complete the formulation.

Symptoms such as fatigue, frequent infections, poor stamina, reduced athletic performance and learning difficulties in children may be signs of Iron deficiency. Thompsons Organic Iron Complete is indicated in such cases. Anaemia can produce such symptoms as shortness of breath, dizziness, coldness, weakness, heart palpitations, depression, pale skin and fainting and can be easily reversed through supplementation with Organic Iron Complete.

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