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Systane ULTRA Lubricating Eye Drops 10ml

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Systane ULTRA Lubricating Eye Drops elevates the science of dry eye therapy to a new level. From first blink, eyes feel lubricated and refreshed.

Systane ULTRA Lubricating Eye Drops moisturises the surface of your eyes for fast, long lasting relief from signs and symptoms of dry eyes which include dryness, irritation, burning, stinging, grttiness or a foreign body sensation. Causes of dry eyes include enviromental factors, suach as dust, smoke, UV light rays, dry heat (heater/sauna), air conditioning, wind, drafts, cosmetics, or a reduced blink frequency due to prolonged television watching or concentrated computer screen work.

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Customer Reviews

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Alice Brown
Systane Eye Drops

Very good for dry scratchy eyes

Julija Wilson
Systane ULTRA Lubricating Eye Drops 10ml

This is my preferred brand. I never had issues with it, so I kept buying these.

D. Bridge
Systane ULTRA Lubricating Eye Drops 10ml

I have found the above lubricating Eye Drops useful in counteracting dry eyes. In my case, the dryness seems to result from constant reading and writing, on the page, on the computer. I use them in the morning and evening and, when I can, in the afternoon. The drops are easy to insert and do not form a film that takes a while to dissipate. They are convenient and effective.

Evgueni Zverev
Systain Ultra are wonderful drops

I was impressed with these eye drops as they were hydrating, did not burn, did not cause blurriness and did not leave a sticky feeling behind. Would recommend and repurchase if needed again. If you have dry eyes working a lot with a computer, these are FOR YOU. They're more expensive than the normal saline drops, but they're thicker and they last longer and they're worth their money.

Diana Bridge DEN Bridge
systane ULTRA eyedrops

This lubricating eyedrop is the most effective I have come across for countering dryness. I used it when recovering from blepharitis two years ago and still like to instill a drop in each eye in the morning and when preparing for bed. This product has does not leave a viscous residue as some eyedrops do, and it appears to be free of side effects.