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Stayfree Ultra Thin Light Pads With Wings 16

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With their advanced anti-leak core and unique fast-lock pockets, Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads will quickly absorb fluid and lock it away to help leave you feeling dry, protected and comfortable. Designed with comfort in mind, the Stayfree ThermoControl cover is made with material that lets your skin breathe, meaning an end to that hot and stuffy feeling you sometimes get using conventional pads.

  • Fast-Lock Pockets - rapidly absorbs fluid to help prevent leakage on any side of the pad.
  • Cottony-Soft Quilted Cover - So delicately soft and smooth to the touch providing comfortable protection during your period.
  • Advanced Anti-Leak Core - Rapidly draws fluid deep into the pad and locks it away.
  • THERMOCONTROL - Designed to draw excess humidity away helping skin to breathe to give you extra comfort.
  • Ultra Thin - For comfort & discretion. Perfectly shaped to fit your body.
  • Side Wings - To securely hold the pad in place.
  • Odour Neutralisers - Stayfresh active odour neutralisers help neutralise odours before they start, with natural plant extracts and a gentle hint of freshness.
  • Suitable for light flow.

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