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Sonaflam 275mg Tablets 24 (Generic of Naprogesic)

GenericSKU: 2100991

Sale price$16.68 NZD


Sonaflam gives temporary relief for neck and Back pain, Muscle pain, and Inflammation, period pain, Migraine, headaches, post operative pain e.g following Dental or Minor surgery, Sinus pain and fever.

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Instant pain relief

So, technically, these are sold for menstrual pain, but as a middle aged male that's not an issue. These do give me headache relief when nothing else will and are very sharply priced as compared with a pharmacy visit. 5 stars


Best product for getting rid of a headache fast!!

Bill Hinkley
It really works

I have tried Naproxen in a number of tablet forms, but I purchase Sonaflam as it cannot be obtained by prescription, and it has provided pain relief, as well as treating my irregular muscular back pain. I even used it once for toothache, and it worked there too!

Rosanne Eustace
Effective pain relief

I've been using Sonaflam for years now for migraine prevention before my headache really takes hold, and find that it's the only over the counter pain relief that works for me. Very pleased that I could buy online, as it isn't available as cheaply locally. It has often made the difference between a couple of days not functioning, and at least being able to stay upright, if a bit slower than usual! The medication doesn't seem to have any side effects for me either, which is great.

Mike Flo
Best ever Gout relief

As a gout sufferer I find that Sonaflam provides rapid relief with no side effects.Great product