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Solgar Bilberry-Ginkgo Eyebright Complex Vegecaps 60

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Eyebright may be helpful in alleviating symptoms of:

-  Eye strain or fatigue
-  Conjunctivitis
-  General eye irritation
-  Catarrhal conditions


As an astringent, eyebright is often used for reducing excessive discharges of the eyes and sinuses.

Eye tonic

Eyebright is probably the best known of all herbal eye tonics and is reported to be supportive to the associated mucous membranes. The astringent compounds in eyebright are used to provide a tonic effect for the eyes and reduce sinus congestion, stinging, sensitivity to light, weeping eyes and catarrhal conditions.

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Please help

A check of your records will reveal that I have been purchasing this item for years dating back to 2010. In 2014 or thereabouts I found a cheaper supplier and carried on buying the product as it delivered good results.In early 2019, however, I started to find empty capsules or ones that were not adequately filled in spite of sealed packaging. I lodged a complaint with said supplier who investigated the situation. Subsequent purchases did not result in any improvement and I found myself being short-changed.Whereas I did not have the same problem in previous purchases from Health Chemist, I have started to find short-filled capsules from the latest bottle that I have opened which is from Batch No. 531507-05. Obviously this is an issue with the manufacturer, not with you people. Can you do something about the anomaly?