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Silver Solution Colloidal Silver Solution 110ml

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Silver has been used for its anti-microbial properties since the times of ancient Egypt. These properties are also now well established scientifically using modern methods. Colloidal silver consists of a low concentration of tiny elemental silver particles suspended in a solution of pure water. Impressive results are most commonly reported with respect to anti-microbial/antiseptic properties, healing, allergies, irritations and detoxification. It is used for conditions that occur in both humans and animals, and in a number of cases is appropriate for the prevention of some conditions and for boosting the immune system.

The liquid can be used both internally and externally to safely support the immune system when affected by viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. It can also be used to improve the rate of healing and sooth irritation and mild allergy. The recommended dosage range is printed on the product label. However, this is a general guide should not be seen as a restriction, particularly when treating very small or large animals. Also some conditions are best treated with high doses, and as such a practitioner of natural health may recommend much higher doses than the label for a stronger or more rapid effect. It is usually more effective to double dose for the first two doses. Where possible, external and internal access should be gained (this can be difficult with conditions like sinusitis).

Some of the uses of colloidal silver:Stomach upsets, colds and flu, sore throats, candida, oral thrush, mouth ulcers, gum infections, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, bladder infections, eye infections,acne, use under contact lenses, immunity stimulation, mild allergies and itchy skin.

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