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Sanderson Pro-Immune FX Capsules 120

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Sanderson Pro-Immune FX is beneficial for a well-balanced immune system.

The immune system is an intricate network of specialized tissues, organs, cells, and chemicals that work together to defend the body against attacks by “foreign” invaders.

These invaders are primarily microbes—tiny organisms such as bacteria, parasites, and fungi that can cause infections.

Symptoms of decreased immune function include frequent colds and flus, recurring parasitic infections, initially mild infections that may become serious, and opportunistic infections (infections by organisms that are usually well controlled by a healthy immune system)

What makes Pro-Immune FX different from other immune formulations is the presence of a high level of proline-rich polypeptides. Proline-rich polypeptides function as messengers in the body and have the unique ability to modulate the immune system. By taking products with the highest PRP levels available, the body obtains the instructions for a well-balanced immune system, and thus the body may produce up to six grams of immunoglobulins per day in an adult human male. By supplementing with PRPs the body’s immune system is maintained and the natural resistance to infections like seasonal illness and also to allergens is supported.

We recommend that you start taking Pro-Immune FX before winter begins in earnest and keep taking it throughout the cold and flu season.

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