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Phloe Capsules 120 capsules

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Phloe is a useful aid to help keep you regular and avoid digestive discomfort such as bloating and diarrhoea.
Phloe has a triple action through the activity of enzyymes,prebiotics and fibre isolated from New Zealand Kiwi Fruit.
The enzymes in Phloe support the bowel naturally and gently by aiding the transit time and promoting a fast exit of toxins and waste through the bowel.These enzymes are gentle on the body and do not present any major side effects such as diarrhoea or cramping.
The fibre in Phloe adds moisture to the stool and bulks it to aid elimination.
The Prebiotics provide nourishment for the good bacteria , which increase the amount of friendly bacteria and inhibit bad bacteria.The gives the system a healthy balance to prevent poor bowel health leading to diarrhoea, bloating and flatulence along with fatigue

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Customer Reviews

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Florence Flow
Natural and effective

Nice natural ingredients, basically just concentrated kiwifruit and it made a positive difference from day 1.

Great alternative ...

Highly recommend Phloe. Following surgery I was given Metamucil but as I have a problem with wheat in general, I was in agony. A friend recommended Phloe. I continue to take two capsules before going to bed at night and it works very well. Such a good alternative to others on the market. Health Chemist provide wonderful, prompt service and offer great prices.

Rex Hayward
Extremely Efficient

I must congratulate Health Chemist on the efficiency of despatching our last order. We ordered one day and to our amazement found the goods delivered the very next day. Can't get any better than that.

Kim Bladen

I have IBS and found this awesome, within a week my whole system felt alot better, my stomach was not so bloated or sore, I take this morning and night and have for many mths now and have found its given me a new lease on life, it may not work on everyone, but I would highly recommend you give it a shot for a least a mth and see how you go, its all natural.

Good deal

I have been using these throughout pregnancy and they have helped with constipation.