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Nutralife MSM 1000mg Capsules 120

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Beneficial for: *  Healthy joint cartilage function
    * Joint discomfort associated with inflammation, and joints and tendons swelling
    * Maintaining the health and healing of connective tissue, collagen, ligament and tendons
    * Muscle cramping and tension
    * Maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails
    * Daily bowel regularity

Key features:     *  Contains patented OptiMSM™, a bio-available and natural form of essential dietary Sulphur
    * Assists in the reduction of pain, inflammation and swelling of injured or aged joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles
    * Benefits arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia
    * Accelerates the healing of fractures and scar tissue
    * Benefits the healthy growth of, and prevents the ageing of, hair, nails and skin
    * Has a beneficial effect on digestive function problems of constipation, reflux and heartburn, parasites, intestinal hyperpermeability

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Geoff Usher
Nutralife MSM 1000mg Capsules 120

I have found that this particular MSM supplement seems to work better than other MSM products. The relief on joints is noticeable, and the Nutralife product is an affordable way of getting this supplement.