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Nit Enz Head Lice Repellent Hair Gel 250ml

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Nit Enz Head Lice Repellent Hair Gel is safe, effective and affordable way to eliminate lice infestation.

Boys can spike their hair up with Nit Enz Head Lice Repellent Hair Gel or girls can apply it to their hair as they put their hair up into a pony tail.

Helps to avoid re-infestation permanently.

Completely non-toxic formulation.

Designed to provide safe, effective and affordable on-going system of control!

For best results, use in conjunction with Nit-Enz Organic Shampoo.

Note: Nit-Enz repellent products are very effective at repelling head lice but they will not kill lice, they will just drive them crazy!

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