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New Era Combination I Cell Salts. 240 Tablets

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New Era Biochemic Tissue Salt Combination I. is a Biochemic Remedy for Fibrositis and Muscular discomfort.

Combination I Cell Salts contain: Ferr. Phos./Kali. Sulph./Mag Phos

Biochemic treatment for Fibrositis and muscular discomfort:

  • Ferr. Phos. The principal remedy for acute, inflammatory pains brought on suddenly by chills, exposure, unaccustomed exercise, strains.
  • Kali Phos. Nervous indigestion in the stomach. Hungry feeling after taking food. Stomach ache after fright or from excitement.
  • Mag. Phos. Spasmodic pains and cramps of the stomach, relieved by hot drinks. Flatulence with much belching of gas.

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