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Nectar Ease Special Manuka Honey With Bee Venom Capsules 250mg 100

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NectarEase capsules are a blend of Manuka Honey and Bee Venom.

The healing properties of the Manuka plant have been a traditional part of folk lore throughout NZ's settled history and recent laboratory and medical evidence using Manuka Honey supports the worth of this valuable resource. Bee venom has been used via Bee-Sting Therapy for centuries in all cultures.

One possible way that venom works its anti-inflammatory effects is by assisting the production of cortisone in the human body, without the side effects of synthetic cortisone. Its anti-oxidant qualities also make it effective as a booster for the natural immune system. There are also reports of bee venom assisting in the control of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms as well as claims of favourable results in epilepsy, mastitis, chronic pain, tendinitis, ligament injuries, pre-menstrual syndrome and neuroses.

Bee venom has also shown the potential to thin the blood, dilate capillaries and arteries and decrease blood cholesterol level. Until recently bee venom therapy could only be applied with direct bee-stings or intradermal injections. In Nectar-Ease we have not only a much more palatable method of taking Bee Venom but we can combine the benefits of our own native health plant, commonly called the Ti-tree or Manuka.

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Nectar ease manuka honey with bee venom capsules.

They help a lot with my joint pain.

Nectar Ease Manuka Honey With Bee Venom Capsules

Been getting these Manuka Honey Capsules for my friend who has Multiple Sclerosis. She says they really help her in walking better and standing longer. The bee venom makes a big difference. She loves this product. Health Chemists also has the best price even though I have to get it overseas.