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Neat Feet Foot & Shoe Powder 1 plus 1 Free

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Neat Feat Foot & Shoe Powder contains ingredients that eliminate bacteria that cause the odour. The treatment takes 7 to 10 days for results in shoes staying odour free for prolonged periods of time. Neat Feat Foot & Shoe Powder contains antifungal properties which help to prevent minor foot infections.

Applying Neat Feat Foot & Shoe Powder to the feet on a daily basis will reduce the amount of foot perspiration within the shoe and help prevent an environment for fungus growth.

  • For hard working feet - eliminate profuse odour conditions
  • Keeps feet dry, comfortable and free of odour
  • Prevention remedy is effective against foot and shoe odour
  • Contains an antifungal ingredient which helps eliminate foot odour conditions
  • Contains antiperspirant to reduce wetness
  • Packaged in a convenient tube for use on feet, in shoes or in socks
  • Large value pack - economical, effective, safe for the whole family

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