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Neat Feet Arch Cushion - 1 Pair Large

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Neat Feat's orthotics innovative Arch Cushions provide extra support for your feet, heels, and lower back. They are comfortable without feeling tight or taking up too much room in the shoe.

These Arch Cushions are specially designed with you in mind - they relieve your foot and lower back fatigue and conserve your foot structure. Plus, their attractive cover provides added comfort and offers a protective overlay for the Arch Cushions' special orthotic rubber so they can be worn with any shoe.

  • Relieves foot, heel and lower back pain
  • Conserves foot structure
  • Easy to place and adhere inside shoes
  • Comfortable without feeling tight or taking up too much room inside your shoe
  • Attractive cover is compatible with any shoe
  • Protective cover protects special orthotic rubber base
  • Self-adhesive
  • Size - UK Female 7-8, UK Male 10-12, US Female 8-9, US Male 10-12

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