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Natures Sunshine Stomach Comfort Chewable Tablets 60

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Pleasant-tasting chewable tablet.

Provides relief of heartburn and contains herbs that soothe mucus membranes and support normal digestive processes.

Ginger helps relieve digestive upsets/disturbances including flatulence, spasmodic indigestion and constipation.

Ginger has been used traditionally as a spasmolytic (anti-spasmodic).

In Chinese medicine, licorice is used for many ailments, including abdominal pain and ulcers.

Several studies have shown anti-ulcer effects of various components in licorice.

This antacid formula provides natural ingredients to help nutritionally support digestion in times of occasional stomach upset. It contains calcium carbonate, alginic acid (from kelp, protects the mucus lining of the esophagus), wintergreen oil, papaya fruit (aids digestion), slippery elm bark (soothes the digestive tract), licorice root concentrate (aids digestion) and ginger (promotes digestion).

Stomach Comfort may help normal body processes in soothing occasional acid indigestion, heartburn or gas. Recommendation: For Adult Use: For the relief of heartburn associated with acid indigestion or stomach acid reflux, chew two tablets as needed.

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Immense Gratitude for Stomach Comfort and Nature's Sunshine!

For the last few years I have been overwhelmed with reflux problems. I do not do well with allopathic medicines, or "western medicines," in general. I can lose anywhere from 1-3 days, bedridden, with overwhelming reflux issues. The over-the-counter meds have serious long-term side-effects.There's a Chinese Medicine (powder) formula that works. (Sometimes hard to get). It has to be dissolved in hot water.My daughter suggested Stomach Comfort. It works like a miracle! If I am awakened in the night, I can just chew a couple of tablets, and go back to sleep.If I have an "episode" during the day, I can discretely (and simply) chew a couple of Stomach Comfort tablets and go about my business.I am so grateful for this product!

Rayleen Baker
Comfort Tabs

Tablets hae helped with gas issues in my stomach. They are quite pallatable.