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Natures Sunshine Chromium GTF Tablets 90

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• Helps balance blood sugar levels.
• Aids in the control of glucose and fatty acids.
• Promotes energy by helping transport glucose to cells.
• Cuts down on the body’s need for insulin, which may result in improved arterial health.

Chromium, GTF [Glandular] is a trace mineral that plays a role in maintaining blood sugar levels that are already within the normal range.

Each “glucose tolerance factor”(GTF) molecule, a hormone-like compound, requires chromium as its central atom. GTF is thought to work with insulin to transport glucose from the blood into the cells.

The liver also needs chromium to manufacture fatty acids, lecithin, cholesterol and lipoproteins.

Chromium may positively affect blood fat levels and the liver filtration process. Processing destroys much of the chromium content in foods.

Each tablet of GTF chromium contains 300 mcg of chromium amino acid chelate and chromium nicotinate in a base of horsetail stems and strobilus, red clover flowers and yarrow aerial parts.

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