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Mebo Skin Restore Ointment 40g

MeboSKU: 2080486

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Mebo Skin Restore Ointment is a naturally based Ointment which helps return elasticity to damaged skin and fades Scars and Blemishes.It also protects newly healed skin.

Mebo Restore provides a healthy environment for the natural recovery of scarred or blemished Skin. It assists in natural repair and regeneration of new skin and also assists in reducing cracking and soothing the skin.

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Steve Bradley
Mebo Skin Restore

Used this product on healing leg burns. Burns extended from short line to sock line 360 degree coverage some first degree and some deeper burns. All skin peeled off. Used two tubes to help with itching and dryness of new skin worked fantastically. However by third tube I developed hives, we tried other products after this and they ended up giving me hives too so figured it was just the body's way of saying that's enough let me get on with the healing by myself. Found restore was better than the anti-itch cream for the intense itching.