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Madeleine Ritchie Royal Jelly Skin Toner with Manuka Honey 125ml

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Rich in Royal Jelly, Pure Honey & New Zealand spring water.

This natural refreshing skin toner has cooling and purifying properties which help to revitalise the skin.

Excellent for tired skin, improving its natural texture.

This delicate, alcohol-free toner, completes the cleansing as the final refreshing process for the skin.

It is formulated with pure Manuka Honey to provide hydration and calming for skin irritation.

It has a soothing and softening activity on the skin and is formulated to gently balance the skin back to its natural pH level.

  • This product refines, energises and balances the skin improving its natural texture.
  • This is an alcohol-free toner which has a purifying and soothing effect.
  • This ultra effective treatment encourages healthy, younger looking skin.
  • It is suitable for all skin types.

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