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Lippomix Liposomal Vitamin C Sachets 30

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Lippomix supports the immune system through its powerful antioxidant activity.

This product is formulated with Phosphatidylcholine,which is a necessary component of all cells and aids absorption of the vitamin C.

This combination produces an advanced form of vitamin C which releases slowly over a period of time producing maximum cellular absorption of vitamin C

Clinical trials have showed that this form of vitamin C, being coated with phospholipids allows up to 90% of the vitamin C to be absorbed by cells, due to the fact that the phospholipid coating resembles the body fats within the cell walls.This compares very favourably to about a 20% absorption rate of intravenous vitamin C into cells.

This can be conveniently squeezed into the mouth as it does not required dissolution in water before taking.

This product has double the phospholipid content of other liposomal vitamin C therefore absorption may be enhanced.

  • Convenient, straight into the mouth need to mix with water
  • Enhanced absorption with extra phospholipid content.

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