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Lifestream Wheat Grass Powder 100g

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Green foods such as Lifestream Wheatgrass Certified Organic ( was Wheat Grass ) provides a rich source of naturally occurring minerals, B Vitamins, antioxidants and cholorophyll.

Lifestream Wheat Grass is grown slowly through summer for around 90 days, accumulating vitamins and minerals and storing them in their leaves until they reach their nutritional peak. It is then harvested at peak potency and 'flash air dried' in minutes to ensure the living enzymes and nutrients are not damaged or compromised.

Supports healthy colon & bowel

High fibre/low calorie food

Promotes healthy intestinal flora

Aids regular healthy bowel movements

Contains gluten-free fibre

Provides a source of natural Vitamin C & folic acid

Helps maintain healthy acid/alkaline balance.

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