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Kolorex Herbal Tea 20 bags

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Kolorex© Mouth & Throat Care contains a unique blend of traditional herbs, including the New Zealand native Horopito. (the same active ingredient as Kolorex Intestinal Care Capsules.)

The plant actives in Horopito have been shown to promote a healthy microbial balance. Our normal microflora balance can be adversely affected by many factors, the most common of which are poor diet (for example a diet high in processed foods, sweet or alcoholic beverages), stress, and certain prescription drugs, in particular broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Each 1.7g sachet contains : Horopito leaf (Pseudowintera colorata) This New Zealand herb was traditionally bruised, steeped in hot water and applied to remedy skin problems. Both the early European settlers and Maori made a tea of the leaves for stomach upsets. Modern science has confirmed the presence in Horopito of actives that promote a healthy microbial balance*. Forest Herb's uses only Horopito that is independently laboratory verified to contain high levels of these actives. It is Horopito that gives Kolorex Mouth & Throat Care its unique hot taste and action.
Anise Seed (Pimpinella anisum) Used traditionally in South America as a folk remedy, with a reputation as a digestive aid*. Anise seed oil is used to flavour drinks, food and confectionery. Anise seed is used in Kolorex products to enhance the action of Horopito.
Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon citratus) Traditionally used throughout the tropics as an herbal tea and culinary flavouring. Its main use as a tea has been as a remedy for indigestion, stomach ache and flatulance*. The essential oil is used as a flavour and fragrance.

Kolorex Tea bags are 100% caffeine free, and are suitable for vegetarians.

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