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Go Immune Protect Probiotic VegeCaps 30

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This product is an immune support, to help the bodies defence against common threats like the winter ills & chills or germs adults and children encounter in daily life.

Q: From what age can this product be taken?
A: From 6 months of age and over. For young children the capsule can be opened and the contents emptied into formula, milk or food

Q: Can this be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
A: GO Immune Protect is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Q: Does it need to be kept in the fridge?
A: GO Immune Protect is clinically proven to be shelf stable up to 25degC. To maintain optimal effectiveness we suggest refrigerating all live probiotics after opening and using them before the expiry date on the bottle.

Q: Is this product supplied in a VegeCapsule?
A: Yes! GO Immune Protect is supplied in a VegeCapsule

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