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Go Calcium 1-a-Day Capsules 60

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GO Calcium 1-A-Day has been formulated to ensure the advanced absorption and binding of Calcium into the bones which helps to ensure bones stay strong, healthy and less likely to fracture and deteriorate.

Q: What has Vitamin D been included?
A: Vitamin D is an important ingredient that helps to assist with Calcium absorption and bone health.

Q: What is Vitamin K2? A: Vitamin K2 supports Calcium binding into bones, this helps to ensure bones stay strong and healthy and less likely to fracture and deteriorate.

Q: What is the source of calcium?
A: The Calcium in this product comes from red algae, Lithothamnium calcareum. It is naturally rich in Calcium, plus 74 other trace minerals. This range of minerals from a single natural source makes it highly bioavailable – the minerals work in synergy so the overall health benefits are enhanced.

Q: Is this product supplied in a VegeCapsule?
A: No. GO Calcium 1-A-Day is supplied in a two piece Gelatine capsule

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Go Calcium Caps 60

These are quality supplements - take them daily, very easy to swallow