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Gaia Herbs Mighty Lungs Vegecaps 60

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Traditional herbs to support overall lung & respiratory health


Formulated to help maintain lung health and function

Contains Mullein, Plantain, Schisandra, and Elecampane

Delivers the support you need to keep breathing easy

Marshmallow, Plantain, and Mullein – are demulcent herbs that help support and soothe pulmonary and respiratory tissue.  

Marshmallow is also useful for a cough.

Grindelia and Elecampane – are expectorant herbs that have the ability to support both wet and dry coughs.  

Grindelia supports normal mucous production and elimination. 

Elecampane also supports normal mucous secretions and helps tone mucous membranes.

Hawthorn, Schisandra, and Olive – help to support and protect the connective tissues in the lungs.  These herbs are strong antioxidants which help support the body’s response to oxidative stress and healthy cytokine balance.

Holy Basil – the is extracted from the volatile oils of the plant, which provide support to the bronchial tissues. Holy Basil helps to provide antioxidants and bronchodilation support.

Red root – stimulates  lymphatic flow, to aid bronchial congestion.

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