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Efamega DHA Softgels 90

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Efamega DHA is another advanced long chain fatty acid product from Efamol®  - the essential fatty acid experts, providing an impressive 375mg of DHA with 15mg of AA per capsule in a unique and important ratio.  Specifically designed to give your brain, nerves and eyes a boost, Efamega DHA is your brain power insurance policy – so you can support optimal brain and eye function for years to come.


The brain is mostly fat (60%) and DHA and AA make up a whopping 50-70% of this fat.  This indicates how essential both these fatty acids are as building blocks for the structures of the brain, nerves and eyes and for the transmission of nerve messages and for vision - especially night vision. 


Ensuring high levels of these two essential fatty acids (EFAs) allows for optimal cognitive function including learning, concentration, memory, attention, heatlhy mental attitude, balanced mood and co-ordination. 


DHA and AA are also found in high amounts in the retina of the eye where they give cell memberanes fluidity and permeability, and help make visual purple so we can see in the dark!


Their work doesn’t stop there, as DHA and AA also function as antioxidants in the brain, promoting repair and providing protection to our most vital organ.


The brain and eye tissues are continually renewed throughout our lifespan so DHA and AA are required on a constant basis.  While certain fats in our diets can, to a small degree, be converted into these long chain fatty acids, this conversion is quite inefficient and is inhibited by many dietary and lifestyle factors, warranting supplementation with these fatty acids for those who want to reach their full health potential.


Whether you are studying, learning something new, have an intellectually demanding job, playing sports or just want to maximise your braininess and vision for now and future years, Efamega DHA is the perfect accompaniment to the healthy diets of adults from 15 to 50 and beyond.


Efamega DHA contains no genetically modified ingredients, no environmental contaminants and has been mercury tested to assure safe and effective use.

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