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Coyne Biomax Vitamin B Complex Liposomal Vegecaps 30

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Coyne Biomax® Vitamin B Complex Liposomal uses cutting-edge liposomal technology, ensuring maximum absorption and delivery into your bloodstream. Get the most out of your vitamin B supplement.

• Quatrefolic® Enhanced: This supplement boasts Quatrefolic®, a unique, bioactive form of folic acid (vitamin B9) that’s ready for immediate use by your body. Quatrefolic® surpasses other folic acid supplements in folate uptake, contributing to your overall wellbeing.

• Comprehensive Health Support: Our vitamin B complex contributes to energy metabolism, nervous system function, mental performance, metabolism of essential macros, and overall growth and development. It’s not just a supplement, it’s a commitment to healthier living.

Coyne Biomax® Vitamin B Complex Liposomal is a specialized supplement designed to address a range of indications and concerns. 
It offers support in various areas, including energy metabolism to maintain vitality, aiding the normal functioning of the nervous system for optimal cognitive health, and contributing to mental performance and cognitive well-being. Additionally, it assists in the efficient metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, ensuring nutrient utilization. 
For individuals of all ages, it supports normal growth and development, while helping to maintain overall good health and well-being. 
Coyne Biomax® Vitamin B Complex Liposomal is a comprehensive solution to address these indications and concerns effectively.

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