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Coyne Bio-Berberine Complex Vegecaps 60

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Coyne Bio-Berberine® Complex provides blood sugar support by regulating blood glucose levels and modulating the gut microbiome. 
By improving insulin sensitivity, it can also promote metabolic support which is essential for weight management and a healthy body compostition. 
Coyne Bio-Berberine® Complex also supports cardiovascular health by reducing blood pressure and blood lipid levels and providing anti-inflammatory benefits.

Useful for:

  • Blood sugar support: Enhances insulin sensitivity and reduces glucose production in the liver, helping regulate blood sugar levels. It also modulates gut microbiota and slows carbohydrate digestion, further stabilizing glucose levels.
  • Cardiovascular health: Reduces blood pressure, levels of total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, and triglycerides, all of which are risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.
  • Body composition: Acts as a potent AMPK (adenosine monophosphate protein kinase) activator in the body (also known as the ‘metabolic master switch’ ), promoting a healthy body composition and facilitating weight management.

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