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Combantrin 1 Chocolate Squares 4

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Combantrin-1 products are different from the other Combantrin products in that they use mebendazole as the active ingredient instead of pyrantel embonate. They offer a one tablet, once only, treatment for pinworms / threadworms. Combantrin-1 with mebendazole can be used by children over 2 years of age.

Mebendazole is an anthelmintic, meaning an agent designed to destroy parasitic intestinal worms, that works by interfering with the proteins in either the worm's intestine or absorptive cells. This inhibits the threadworms’ ability to absorb glucose (sugars) which depletes them of the energy that they need to survive. As a result the threadworm dies within several days.

 Combantrin-1 chocolate squares are available in packs of 4 chocolate squares, enough to treat 4 people for threadworm.



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