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Clinicians Sleep Science Vcaps 30

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Clinicians sleep science is a newly developed product formulated to assist and regain a sleep pattern in those who have stressful lifestyles.

Stress stimulates the adrenals to produce excess amounts of cortisol which has a negative effect on the ability to sleep.

Sleep Science has a new ingredient called ETAS™ (Enzyme Treated Asparagus Stem extract) which is manufactured from the left over woody stems of asparagus.

ETAS™ activates the release of Heat Shock Proteins, which are normally released by the body in times of stress where high cortisol levels are present. These proteins are beneficial in lowering cortisol and in doing so inducing a longer sleep duration, along with a reduction in stress and anxiety and an increase in clarity and thinking during the day.

Clinicians sleep science also has the addition of 100mg of a highly absorbable magnesium, to support muscle relaxation and deep sleep.

As an added support product the herb Zizyphus (Chinese Red date)which has been traditionally used for relaxing the nerves, has been included in the formulation, increasing sleepiness and helping reduce night sweats.

This product is may benefit a good nights sleep by:
-providing additional support for healthy sleep patterns.
-Producing a relaxed sleep .
-Reducing the effect of stress and worry.
-producing a calming effect.

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