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Buccaline Tablets 7

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Viral and influenza-like illnesses are frequently made worse by additional bacterial infections which delay recovery. Buccaline tablets contain tiny, inactivated amounts of the bacteria which can cause these complications associated with colds and flu. A three day course can help the body build an immunity towards these bugs, the course can be repeated every 4 weeks if required. Protection may last for up to three months. Buccaline is useful for oral anti-bacterial prophylaxis of complications of Colds and Flu

After Buccaline dissolves in the intestine the bacterial antigens contained in it are engulfed by macrophages within the intestinal wall which pass them on to endothelial tissue where they stimulate the immune system to give added protection to the body against winter illnesses.

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Llyn Robinson

Arrived in2 days. Amazing service

Anne Baker
Great product

Great product

My Go Too

Family have been using for approximately 25 years February & September and would not be without them.

Ewan Speirs

The easy and cheap way to buy over the counter medicines

Mid fifties
Seems to be effective

Historically I very often get a secondary bacterial infection after a headcold, that evolves into bronchitis before my doctor relents and prescribes antibiotics - a process that takes 3-6 weeks.I have used Buccaline for the last 4 winters and have not had that happen. It may be my imagination, but it appears to decrease the number of headcolds I get as well.