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Botanica Stop Snoring 50ml

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This product is a unique blend of non-toxic oils that lubricate the throat, uvula and soft palate.

It also contains herbs that help normal mucus flow to alleviate the noise associated with snoring.

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Customer Reviews

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Stephen Owens
Snoring Solved

This product works, finally able to get some sleep without someones loud snoring keeping me and them awake!

Jonathan Gibb
Stop Snoring - Botanical Spray

I was initially unsure but a liked the idea of a spray that went direct to the problem. I have found that it gives a approximate effect for 4 hours from time of spraying. Effect, stopping snoring at beginning of sleep. If a snore does pop out then having it by the bedside for an additional spray keeps the night quiet. Bonus is that it does have a pleasant taste and does somewhat clear the nose, but better if you have a nasal decongestant for this.

Botanica Stop Snoring throat spray

I don't believe the product helped my snoring at all through the night hours, however when first sprayed it does clear the nose and airways assisting me in falling asleep quickly.

Best product to stop snoring I've tried

It doesn't always work, but probably 80% of nights it reduces my snoring to a level that doesn't wake up my husband. Tends to wear off by 5am, so for me only lasts for about 7 hours.