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Blackmores Super Strength Horseradish, Garlic + C 50 tablets

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Garlix, contains both alliin and allinase and exhibits a standardised allicin-releasing potential equivalent to 1.4 mg of allicin per tablet (allicin is one of the sulphur-containing compounds responsible for the antimicrobial action of garlic)

Blackmores Horseradish, Garlix + C With Fenugreek contains horseradish, a nasal and bronchial dilator of benefit in the relief of nasal congestion, sinusitis and catarrh

Blackmores Horseradish, Garlix + C With Fenugreek is a high potency formulation, suitable for use to relieve symptoms of hay fever and sinusitis.

Horseradish root contains two major ingredients - sinigrin (a glycoside) and myrosin (an enzyme) - which combine to form a volatile oil that facilitates drainage of the nasal mucous membranes and sinuses. Fenugreek acts as a mucilaginous demulcent to soothe inflamed mucous membranes. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is beneficial in reducing both the symptoms and duration of colds.

Garlic exhibits antimicrobial and antibacterial activity, and is used minor respiratory tract infections such as sinusitis. Allicin (an unstable compound formed by the enzymatic action of allinase on alliin), is required to be present for the antimicrobial activity of garlic to take place.

Blackmores super strength Horseradish, Garlix© + C helps to:
relieve the symptoms of hay fever and mild upper respiratory tract infections
temporarily relieve the symptoms of sinusitis and the severity of symptoms of allergic reactions.

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