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Blackmores CoQ10 150mg Capsules 30

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 CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10) is a vitamin-like nutrient that plays an essential role in the production of energy in heart cells and helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Our natural levels of CoQ10 decline as we age and also with exercise. To ensure that you have enough of this essential nutrient, it may be beneficial to increase intake of foods rich in CoQ10, or to take a CoQ10 supplement.
Features and benefits

    * Antioxidant
    * Helps maintain healthy arteries and a healthy cardiovascular system
    * Reduces the oxidation of LDL cholesterol
    * Natural source
    * Convenient 1-a-day dose

How it works

Coenzyme Q10 is found naturally in the body and plays an essential role in the production of energy in all cells. As such it is important for the health of virtually all human tissues and organs
The heart is one of the most active tissues in the body, and requires an adequate supply of CoQ10. CoQ10 assists in maintaining heart health, in particular heart muscle function.
The body’s ability to synthesise CoQ10 declines with age and with exercise. CoQ10 inhibits the oxidation of LDL-cholesterol. Cholesterol is very susceptible to free radical damage, which leads to the formation of a toxic derivative called oxidised LDL-cholesterol. It is currently understood that LDL-cholesterol may be harmful to the body after it has become oxidised.

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