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Auragel Earmold Sealant/Lubricant 20g

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Auragel is an earmold sealant/lubricant which allows a hearing aid user to more easily insert the instrument into the ear canal.

Applied Hearing Ltd has been making and distributing this safe, water-based gel for 20 years. Currently it is available in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States.

Not only is the aid easier to insert and more comfortable to wear, but auragel also acts as a sealant for a better fit in the ear canal.This means fewer feedback problems, even when chewing, and increased useable gain.

The amazing lubricating features of auragel allow the aid to be easily inserted past the very features of the ear which then retain it. People with soft cartilage, soft aid molds, tortuous or tortuous or unusual-shaped ear canals who use auragel will immediately find their aid more comfortable to wear.

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