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Artemis Strain Repair Cream 50g

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Artemis Strain Repair Cream contains a unique blend of traditional plant medicine to stimulate circulation and recovery.

Formulated with Cayenne powdered heat that penetrates deep to soothe deep-seated strains, sprains, bruised tissue and tight and overexerted muscles.

Cayenne has warming properties that support circulation and dilation of capillaries to promote healing and recovery.

Contains Arnica which provides support after surgery to relive trauma and support healing. It is one of the most effective first aid plant for impact injuries causing bruising, sprains, fractures and muscular and joint stiffness.

Contains Comfrey that promotes healing of fractured bones, soft tissue injuries, sprains and tendonitis.

Comfrey helps reduce the appearance of scarring and keloid scars.

Contains Rue(Ruta graveolens) which supports surface circulation to help minimise bruising.

St. John's Wort supports physiological trauma, especially beneficial for injured nerves, sciatica and disc damage. It Provides after surgery support to aid healing of cut nerves.

Contains Willow bark that helps calm and relax musculoskeletal system.

For best results, use in conjunction with Artemis Tissue and Strain Repair Oral Liquid to support healing from within.

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