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Apicare Protect Me Beeswax Lip Balm SPF15 4.5g

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The pure New Zealand beeswax base helps reduce moisture loss from the skin and produces a great protective barrier. Same great formula as Revive Me Lip Balm but with the addition of SPF15 for use in all weathers.

A non-petrolatum lip balm based on natural ingredients with an SPF15 added for extra protection. The water repelling properties of beeswax helps to sustain the sunscreens action for longer, and its elastic properties make it the ideal protective emollient for really staying on lips. This lip balm really will repair badly damaged skin.

  • Hero Ingredient - Propolis is another amazing ingredient from the hive. It is a resin found in beehives and the literal translation from Greek is ‘Defender of the City’. It is used to seal gaps that may let predators in, to prevent decomposition within the hive and to inhibit bacterial infection within the colony. The use of propolis in the hive creates a highly complex immune defence system which makes the bee hive the most sterile environment known in nature. Propolis consists of resinous compounds and balsams, beeswax, aromatic oils and bee pollen. Propolis has a high flavanoid content and in laboratory tests, has exhibited a variety of anti-microbial and anti-tumour properties.

  • Hero Ingredient - Beeswax is an excellent emollient and provides non-occlusive skin protection. It is non-allergic, and has elastic and water repellent properties which allows it to sustain sunscreen action and provides greater permanence on skin or lip surfaces. Beeswax locks in moisture, fosters cells and protects skin from damaging environmental factors. It is a natural nourishing moisturiser and has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergenic and germicidal antioxidant properties. The Mayo Clinic recommends lip balm made from beeswax for chapped lip care and prevention.

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Customer Reviews

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Chantal Behr
Lippy works miracles

My daughter 12 loves this lippy. It fits in a pocket and easy to use. She prefers this one because it�s easier than the tub of lip balm. Screw cap vrs pop off. Like most kids they don�t always like medicines or any other helpful things to ease there discomfort. But this product she begs me to get because she knows that it works. Doesn�t dry your lips out lluke most lippys. It also helps with cracked sore lips or redness around lips from kids licking them to moisturise them, even skin irritate from to much nose blowing. Awesome product.

Hope Tremain-Willcox
Apicare Protect Me Beeswax Lip Balm SPF15 4.5g

this product I have brought for my daughter. she likes the way it feels on her lips.