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Anthisan Cream 25g

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Anthisan cream gives relief from pain, Itching and Inflammation from Insect Bites, Stings and nettle rash.

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Wouldn't be without it

I find it essential to have Anthisan on hand anywhere there's likely to be biting insects, especially mosquitoes. Doesn't matter where my wife is - one mozzie will find her - at home, in the car, out for the day, on holiday. I also find the cream works for miscellaneous skin rashes and irritations. Why this product is not available either on-line or in pharmacies in Australia is beyond me - regulation gone mad.

Bruce Harvey
Instant Relief

This is the best bar none product for the treatment of small biting insects. As a person who has an extreme and acute reaction to mosquitos, sandflies and midge bites discovering Anthisan Cream has allowed me to enjoy the outdoors again.

Very very effective

Anthisan would be the best product I have used for the easing of irritation from bites by insects including wasps, mosquitos and even jack jumper ants.

Ari Jokinen
Anthisan in Aussie

Fantastic cream for mossie and insect bites. Pain and itch usually disappear in minutes. I supply friends and relatives here in NSW and VIC. Unfortunately NOT available in Australia. I'll order more as needed soon. Thanks......Jok.

George Meikle
Anthisan Cream 25g

I could not obtain Anthisan Cream in Australia and a search on line showed a wide range of prices; some stupidly high including ridiculous postage costs. I found Anthisan Cream at healthchemist in NZ which was very economical all round. I purchased 5 tubes to avoid the difficulties and expense later on for a while. I discovered Anthisan Cream while in England and found it was very effective in treating stings and skin problems with our children. Now we use it for our grandchildren. We have found nothing else to compare with the utility and effectiveness of Anthisan Cream when dealing with skin and sting problems.