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Thompsons High Potency Garlic & Parsley 3000 Capsules 100

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Garlic is one of the world s oldest medicines which has been used throughout history for the treatment of a wide variety of ailments. The medicinal use of garlic was documented over 5,000 years ago.,br>
It is the sulphur-containing compounds in garlic that are responsible for its odour as well as many of its actions in the body. Garlic also contains very high concentrations of Selenium, a vital anti-oxidant to the body.

Garlic has been shown to have broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity against bacteria, viruses, worms and fungi. Garlic is often taken to help combat certain viruses, such as those responsible for genital herpes, smallpox, the common cold and influenza, bacterial infection and also to combat candidiasis, athlete s foot and other pathogenic fungi.

Garlic has strong cardio-protective effects due to its ability to help maintain normal cholesterol levels, normal blood pressure and in the prevention of blood clots.

Because many individuals find the odour associated with garlic to be unpleasant, Thompson s Garlic & Parsley contains pure garlic oil in every capsule, combined with parsley, to alleviate the effects of garlic on the breath.

Thompson s Garlic & Parsley is suitable for anyone in need of a boost to the immune system or who wishes to combat infections, from the common cold or influenza to fungal or bacterial infections.

Because Thompson s Garlic & Parsley contains pure garlic oil equivalent to 3,000mg of fresh garlic, combined with parsley for odour control, it is suitable for anyone wishing to maintain heart health and general wellbeing.

Taking Thompson s Garlic & Parsley daily is, thus, recommended for anyone requiring the beneficial effects of daily garlic on health without the problem of excess garlic odour on the breath.

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